Types Of Door Chimes


Understand your business entry needs before you obligate yourself to a particular door chime.  The design of the office is one of the things you should consider, as well as if the availability of a receptionist and also the security of some areas that you need people to stay out of.  It is also essential to read and understand the manufacturer’s installation and the warranty information.

The most popular type of business door chimes at reliablechimes.com is the ones that go off whenever a door is opened.  Mostly it’s put on the front door, but it can also be used to inform the security that a particular door has been opened.  This is often done by companies that hold hazardous chemicals in storage, and that have things that can be taken.  Medicine is placed in a separate area when it comes to pharmacy, this helps to reduce the risk of drugs being stolen: Whenever the door is opened the chime is set in motion, and it alerts them of entry.  The noise could be a loud external noise, or you could also choose for it to go off on certain computers and devices.  It can alert certain people.

You can as well decide who should get in and out of the building by using an intercom.  The door chime is now linked automatically to granting a person or people access.  The intercom either calls the desk or an apartment and the receiver decides whether to buzz the person in.  When the chime goes off it means the person has been allowed to enter.  This is especially common in large buildings and apartments.  It helps to control the crowd of people that throng in everyday.  There is, of course, a system of using an entrance code, that allows the people who work there to enter without asking for permission.

There are door chimes at reliablechimes.com that have both an intercom and a video camera.  These are activated later in the evening.  It prevents access by unknown people and keeps the security guard safe.  It enables the guard to get a good look at the person before allowing them to enter.

You might decide that the best door chime for you is the one that goes off every time the door is open.  Its not the ideal choice because it can become disorderly.  There are door chime systems that can be switched off and on.  Thus, the receptionist can choose between turning it off if their desk is empty and they’ve gone for a break.  This door chime can be set on a timer so that it turns itself off at a specific time.  This help when you have slow evening traffic or when the receptionist has left for the day, and there are people inside still working. For more insights regarding  door chimes, visit http://uncyclopedia.wikia.com/wiki/Doorbell.


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